Admissions are closed for the Fall 2018 class.

Admissions will reopen for 2019 LATER THIS FALL.



1.  Complete the graduate application: Fill out all required fields and submit the online application. 

2.  Pay the $75 application fee: After submitting your application, you will be able to pay this fee from your application status page. 

3.  Submit an updated professional resume

4.  Order transcripts: Request from the Registrar of each college or university attended that an official transcript of your work be sent directly to the address below. If more than one college or university appears on your graduating transcript, you still need the official transcript from each and every school attended.

     Graduate Application Processing PO Box 518 Dallas TX 75275-0518 

5.  Recommendations: We ask for 2 – these are from people who can speak to your tolerance for ambiguity, ability to collaborate with others, and willingness to think independently. You can choose people from professional or academic backgrounds (including a peer or colleague). We also hope each recommendation will provide a reflection of you in light of our program’s core values

6.  Statement of Purpose: There are two things we would like to learn about you. First, what makes you an exceptional candidate for MADI? What are you excellent at and what are you passionate about? Second, what do you hope to achieve through MADI and what greater purpose does it serve in your professional future?

7.  Additional materials: You are welcome to submit supplementary materials that either provide a different take on the statement of purpose, or tell us more about you. Our application system can accept PNG and PDF. Please include any video links in your application. If you have any issues, email Devon Skerritt at 

We will begin accepting applications for enrollment in the fall 2019 semester after September 1, 2018. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis starting on April 1 and continue monthly until the SMU Lyle admissions deadline of July 1. Applicants will be notified of their application status by the third week of each month following receipt of their completed application.

A word about financial assistance: scholarships are available on a very limited basis and awarded by each individual department. The priority application deadline to be considered for institutional grants or scholarships has passed. However, students can still apply for financial aid. You should be prepared to fully support yourself financially throughout the program but there are many ways in which MADI students fund their graduate degree so reach out if you have questions or need support. 


Admission Requirements

MADI students are passionate, talented, and adaptive. We look for high caliber students looking to enhance their current knowledge with design and innovation skills to launch a startup, make a career transition, or standout to employers as capable innovators.

Applicants are required to submit a personal statement. This is considered a deciding factor in the acceptance of MADI students and should express the unique skills and interests of applicants. The personal statement can be in any medium such as a traditional written document, a portfolio, or work of art. Files and web-links should be included with the application.

Enrollment in the MADI program requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree from an institution of standard collegiate rank, recognized by the accrediting agencies in whose jurisdiction the college is located.

Applicants of colleges not fully recognized will be treated as special cases and required to produce evidence attesting to the quality of their programs. Any student whose bachelor’s degree is not equivalent to the comparable baccalaureate degree from Southern Methodist University may be required to take sufficient additional work to make up for the deficiency.

International applicants may be required to take a TOEFL test (or equivalent) prior to admission.

Students who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree may be pre-admitted to the program and may take up to three master’s level courses in the program before the conferral of their undergraduate degree. Students must be admitted and approved to take these courses before any coursework will count toward the Master of Arts in Design and Innovation degree.


All applicants are required to have an overall grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) and complete all university requirements for application.