All students must complete the following three courses as part of the of core requirements (9 term credit hours):

DSIN 5301/DSIN 7301  The Context and Impact of Design
DSIN 5302/DSIN 7302  Form and Composition
DSIN 5303/DSIN 7303  Human-Centered Design

All students must complete the following two Design and Innovation Studio Courses (10 term credit hours):

DSIN 7501  Design and Innovation Studio 1
DSIN 7502  Design and Innovation Studio 2


Two courses should be completed from the following list of pre-approved elective courses including DSIN electives (6 term credit hours):

DSIN 7390  Special Topics: Interactive Product Design
ENGR 7190  Special Topics: Drawing for Visual Communication
ADV 6383  Creativity as Problem Solving
AMAE 6387  Attracting Capital
ANTH 6305  Applied Anthropology
ANTH 6384  Global Issues and Development: An Overview
BHSC 6320  Organizational Leadership
CEE 8325  The Sustainable Urban Plan
CEE 7330  Design for Sustainability
CEE 8326  Sustainable Development
CISB 6222  Starting a Business *
CISB 6223  Early Stage Valuation and Funding *
CSE 7382  Computer Graphics
CSE 8316  User Interface Design
DSIN 7304  Building Creative Confidence
HUMN 6376  Our Stories, Ourselves

Only a few of these courses have prerequisites, ensuring students are able to fulfill program requirements in a reasonable timeline. Students wishing to choose any of the advanced electives will need to have met all course prerequisites.

* These courses are offered at Cox School of Business as two modules within the same semester time frame. Students should take BOTH courses to receive 4 total credit hours for the semester.

Free Electives

Two electives of the student’s choosing (6 term credit hours):

Additionally, students can choose two electives from any graduate program on campus. “Free electives” should be approved by the student’s advisor, and students must meet all requirements and prerequisites for these electives. Enrollment in “free electives” will also be at the discretion of the academic department where the course is offered and the course instructor. Free electives are designed to allow students to gain specialized skills in the field that they may go on to practice or to pursue a personal passion or interest that will complement their future work.