Why Higher Education Needs Design Thinking
MADI Founder Kate Canales talks about the benefits of a human-centered design education. 

SMU Disrupts Design with New Master’s in Art and Design Innovation

Taking Action is Good for Design and Business 
When it comes to design, action beats planning every time. ~Kate Canales

People 2015: SMU's Kate Canales Aims to Engineer Creativity 
Kate Canales is a problem solver. ~Caroline North

Is Design-Thinking the New Liberal Arts?
An in-depth look at the Stanford “d.school” and the broad applicability of design education for all students (and all future careers).

Learning to Think Outside the Box: Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline 
Creativity is not the birthright of genius, but a teachable skill that is increasingly valuable in a world with complex and dynamic challenges.

This is the Future of College 
Employers are demanding graduates with broad skills, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities.

Solving Problems for the Real World, Using Design 
The d.school at Stanford is using design and empathy as tools for students to solve real world problems from infant mortality to a news-reading app.

The Best CEO-Design Duos 
Successful CEOs know the value of teaming up with designers for good products and good business growth.

Good Design Really is Good for Business 
Design Management Institute found that design-led companies are outperforming other companies by 228% over the last 10 years.

10 Lessons For Design-Driven Success 
From startups to existing corporations, design tools are being used to increase innovation and product success.

IBM 2010 Global CEO Study: Creativity Selected as Most Crucial Factor for Future Success 

Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study 

David Kelley: How to Build Your Creative Confidence 
The founder of IDEO and the Stanford d.school talks about creativity as a skill that can be learned to improve our daily lives.